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Welcome to the newly redesigned Freeware Favorites. Here you will find reviews of Windows freeware and links to freeware and shareware Web sites. Your comments are always welcome. If you are a "newbie" and need a program to decompress .zip files, go to Issue 5 and download Stuffit Expander.

Issues 1-6 review Windows 3.x apps. Issue 7 reviews Windows 95 apps. Let me know what your favorite Windows 95 freeware is, especially the lesser known.

Some of the older Windows 3.x issues may be somewhat outdated. I don't have time to update all of them.

NEW Issue #7
  • NotePad+-Notepad Replacement
  • Homesite-Awesome HTML Editor
  • fpArchie-Find Files on the 'Net
Issue #6
  • Loupe
  • Reminder
  • Color Browser
  • PowWow
Issue #5
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Stuffit Expander
  • Calendar Plus
  • The Electric Postcard
Issue #4
  • HTML Assistant Pro-Freeware Version
  • mailto: Formatter
Issue #3
  • Infotag
  • GraphX Viewer
  • Wayfarer
Issue #2

  • Ministry of Buttons
  • Windows Editor
  • WinComm Lite
  • Office Darts
Issue #1
  • Toolbar
  • Ftaskman
  • Tapecalc
  • DogCow
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