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Lycos PointWorld

Current CyberGate 1.0 Beta 3 users can go directly to PointWorld by opening up your CyberGate and double-clicking on PointWorld.

Lycos PointWorld is the first set of VRML worlds that is based upon and interconnected with lots of "real" web information: the complete directory of reviews at the Point site. Point Communications has reviewed thousands of web sites and PointWorld demonstrates Black Sun's mission to provide tools and technology to turn the Web into interactive 3D communities.

The overall plan of PointWorld is like a town square: the buildings around the square are the top-level categories in Point. Enter a category building to jump to a square with subcategories. Enter a reviewed site building and the review is displayed in a CyberGate window. The user can also click to bring up a web browser to look at the site itself. Reviewed site buildings offer visual cues to their content: expansive buildings are sites which offer lots of information content; colorful buildings are sites rich in visuals and experience, making it easy for users to identify their favorite type of site at a glance.

When using Black Sun's CyberGate browser, users can see other figures moving around in PointWorld. Known as "avatars," these animated figures represent other users. Clicking on an avatar shows the user's public CyberCard - like a business card that contains user-defined information such as text and links to web documents. Users can also define, exchange and collect private CyberCards. Chat between users is also supported, either singly or in groups, and users can switch back and forth between different conversations in the same space.


Join the 3D PointWorld community now by downloading Black Sun Interactive's CyberGate 1.0 Beta 3.

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