Magic Paris

Paris is a magic town. Everyone knows about the Louvre, The Georges Pompidou Center of modern art, Orsay Museum (a XIX century railstation converted to a bright and stony painting museum) and most principal curiosities. But, I would recommend you walking along the scene river, from Trocadero to Alma, the Grand Palais, cross the Place de la Concorde, the Garden of Tuileries (called so due to an old manufacturing activity), The Louvre...

Today, I would like to convey you to a special prom in Paris.

It will consist in the evocation of an hidden Paris, mysterious as can be New York or London, with its secret stories, ways, shops, galeries, tunnels... All this happens to exists in Paris, I you are invited to discover most of these curiosities you would certainly never find in your touristic books!

So, let's now go to the center of Paris. Buy a metro ticket and enter here Jean-Christophe Patat