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Edward Nygma was a computer and electronics genius. Edward had always been fascinated with puzzles and riddles since childhood. He was extremely intelligent, but a bit odd. He would cheat at puzzle games at school, and always felt that he was superior to all his classmates. His obsession with riddles and love for committing crimes which baffle the police leads Nygma to done the guise of "The Riddler". Edward's transformation into The Riddler allows for Nymga to totally lose all sense of reality. He becomes completely wrapped up in the evil and criminal behavior which is shaping his mind. He needs to be the Riddler to truly express the real Edward Nygma, in turn completely separating from any normalcy which he once had. His hatred is fueled by the surprising intellect Batman posses, which leads to his solving of Edward riddles. The Riddler uses a vast array of computer and electronic gizmos in his arsenal, but is best known for the lethal use of his ? cane, it is his trademark. When his plans are ultimately foiled by Batman, what was hatred, turns to obsession with The Riddler to outwit and ultimately destroy Batman. His twisted mind only is concerned with creating the ultimate riddle related crime, which Batman can never solve. Then again he can be perfectly content when captured by the Dark Knight, if he knows how Batman solved his riddle. His motives and need to challenge and out do Batman cause the Riddler and The Joker to be very similar in their "relationship" toward the Dark Knight. The way the Riddler portrays himself can differ greatly depending on his garb. If he is in his Riddler jacket and tie and wearing his derby, then his manner is more intellectual and sophisticated. It is when he is in his Riddler suit that his true madness is brought to the forefront. The animated series version was way too laid back and serious. The movie adaptation was more psychotic and crazy, but too much so. The character's other origin traces him as he starts out as a petty thief who dresses in a question mark suit to compliment his love for puzzles. The animated series Riddler was a game developer who is fired and turns into the Riddler out of revenge. He should be intimidating, crazy, and feared. Although he is not a physical threat he should be feared for his criminal brilliance, and dangerous psychotic nature. He must wait to battle wits with the Dark Knight as he is institutionalized in Arkham Asylum. First appearance Detective #140, October 1948.