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This gallery draws forth images from the edges of imagination. Filled with strangeness and delight, these images change into new ones, constantly fresh with emotion and ideas. Mythago is never static, moving and flowing from the old to the new and then back again. Please enjoy!

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o Skinkissed Innocence innocence
o Sleep
o Pride
o Bark
o Mythago
o Boots
o Tree Hug
o Death & Fragile Loveliness
o Butterfly
o In the Woods
o Girl made of grass
o Rust
o A Dance in the Lightnew

o "Siempre Bella"
forever o Thunderhead
o Child of Mother Earth
o Inflection Point
o Vista Serena

o Living Rock & eyes
o Embryo
o Shona 3
o Mountain Meadow

o Experimental Acoustics
in the loft
o Bi from the Loft
o Odella from the Loft
o Sister & Brother -- Chinatown
o Teng Gan (Shallow Eyes)

o Serene Landscapes, Dramatic Skies
o Tumacacori
o Earth, Wind & Sky
o Burial Ground, Winter

o Australian Beauty
o Hannah
o Hannah in the Wild
o Jane
o Wintergreen Kiss
o Silvergirl Moonnew
o Summernew
o Songlinenew
o Bodyscapes
bodyscapes o A Hollowing
o Red Rock West
o Nymph
o Iceberg
o Rockspirit

o Earth Rumbling
o Planet Dance
o Magic Circle
o Boneforest
o Girl in the Sand
o Helping Out
o Treewalk
o Milk of the Unborn
o Mirandanew
o Potato Feed Girlnew

o Mortalities
o Duality
o Coke Oven, Sydney Steel
o Breakwater

o Shamiga (tender innocence)
o Martina
o Tender Morsel
o Warm
o Bread
o Cascade
o Gaberlungi (white mask)
o JenTV
o Fuck Film
o Membryo
o redeye
o Jana
o Suzi on the stove

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