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Welcome to the Smurfs homepage... when looking for a Smurfs page, I could not find one I really liked, so I made my own. This page is for Smurf fans everywhere... and who isn't a smurf fan?


  1. Who's Who in the Smurfs
    There's too many damn smurfs, and no way to tell them apart... until now.
  2. Smurf Multimedia
    Smurf Quicktime movies, smurf sound files, and smurf images for FTP
  3. Giant Smurf Orgies
    A page about Smurf reproduction... not for those easily offended
  4. An anti-smurf Page
    All about the killing of smurfs and dead smurfs (he sits there and draws pictures of dead and dying smurfs...). But watch out, this guy is a perv... there's a smurf porn page (this is weird... he sits there and draws smurf porn!!!)
  5. The Smurf Pez Site is gone... GET OVER IT!

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