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Depicted here are the ribbons from the medals that U. S. Servicemen and Women wear, along with their rank insignia. Civilian, rare military and foreign country medal ribbons are also displayed along with ficticious Star Trek Ribbons. Full size medals can be viewed at Lordship Industries Website linked below. Comments welcome.


US Military Medals page 1

US Military Medals page 2

US Military Medals page 3

US Military Medals page 4

US. Military Medals page 5

USMM - CIA page 6

Rare Military - NASA page 7

Civilian - page 8

MEDAL SHADOW BOX DISPLAYS. Orders of Precedence, All services.


USMC Enlisted Ranks Insignia.

USN & USCG Enlisted Ranks Insignia.

US Army Enlisted Ranks Insignia.

US Air Force Enlisted Ranks Insignia.

Warrant Officer Insignia.

Officer Ranks Insignia.

General/Admiral Ranks Insignia.


Medals from the U.K. page 1

Medals from the U.K. page 2

Other Country Military Medals page 1

Other Country Military Medals page 2

Other Country Military Medals page 3

Other Country Military Medals page 4

Other Country Military Medals page 5

Other Country Military Medals page 6

Star Trek (fictional)

United Nations Medals

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LORDSHIP INDUSTRIES INC. , 30 DAVID'S DRIVE, HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. 11788 Tel: 516-231-9779, is a great source for medals, ribbons &insignia. They develop and manufacture the medals for the United States and Foreign Governments ! Give their page a look.

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