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When thinking back on my childhood, GI Joe is the only toy I can recall that truly stimulated the imagination. Most toys were simplistic and one dimensional. GI Joe let the imagination run wild and a new adventure was created every afternoon...

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G.I. Joe News
Oct. 19, 1996 I found the 4 Classic Collector Figures at my local Toys R Us
Oct. 13, 1996 C|net rallies agianst GI Joe
Aug. 1996 F15 Pilot figure available at FAO Schwarz

My interest in GI Joe came rushing back to me on a recent trip to Toys R Us where I discovered the "Hall of Fame" series of GI Joe Action Figures. The "HOF" series consists of 6 action figures, Gung-Ho, Storm Shadow, Ace, Destro, Flint and Rock`N Roll.
I had been somewhat dissappointed to see GI Joe shrink down to 3.75". It seemed demeaning for him to lose his 12" stature and become belittled by Barbie's Ken. But exciting things are on the way for our action hero...

To start off with, Dark Horse Comics has teamed up with toy manufacturer, Hasbro, for a comic series reintroducing the Joes and their new enemies, according to a recent press release. The man chosen to guide JOE through the new adventure is comic industry veteran, Mike Barr, who is known for such works as Camelot 3000, The Maze Agency and Mantra.

The Comic Shop News ran an article (issue #438) on the new GI Joe comic. This comic is illustrated by Tatsuya Ishida and Scott Reed and introduces readers to the world of 2010 and the GI Joe operatives who are a part of that world.
The prime emnemy of the Joes will be SKAR (Soldiers of Kaos, Anarchy and Ruin) a deadly terrorist group who seek world power.

Writer Mike Barr was quoted in the CSN article as saying that "None of the old continuity has survived. We're starting over with an entirely clean slate."

The new Joes in the comic:

History of G.I. Joe

In 1964, GI Joe seized the gung-ho spirit of youths across America with the original 12" tall GI Joe. Throughout its early years, GI Joe expanded its power base to incorporate the talents of numerous specialized forces. These forces broke ne ground in the area of small tactical assault operations, setting the scene for the GI Joe we know today. By the end of the decade, GI Joe had members from every branch of the United States' military.

In 1969, GI Joe formed its first covert team of specialits called Action Soldiers. These troops operated undercover and performed top secret missions. This formation of troops led to the creation of the other GI Joe adventure teams who helped defend the world from various villains. These teams laid the groundwork for today's heroes of miliatry might as they continue the fight for freedom and justice around the world.

Now enter the 90's with the redeplyment of the classically styled Hall of Fame GI Joe figures. These 12" tall "Real American Heroes" represent GI Joe's original glory and adventurous spirit with the high-tech firepower of today's modern military.

Even now, the battle rages on...

Gifs & Jpegs of Joe Figures, Vehicles, and Accessories:

The Trials of Time...
One of my few Joe relics to survive from my childhood to present day is my Seawolf Submarine. When my family moved in the late `70's, my parents opted for a house with a small pool in the backyard. My first thought was this would be a great test ground for the Seawolf. Seconds later I realized there was no way in hell I was going to subject my Joes (regardless of their hardcore nature) to rust, rot or chlorine.

Some of my prized Joe vehicles fell victim to overzealous garage cleanings during my time away from home while at school (who could imagine anyone would ever get rid of my Joes?). I am still awaiting my parents latest move to see which of my actual Joe figures surface. Within the last 2 years I know I came across 2 of the 4 figures I know I had as a child.

In any event, I cling to fond memories and the recent and future release of GI Joe figures, accessories and vehicles.


Past to Present

The 5 1/4" Joe figures. Armed with good credit and a shoping cart, I bagan yanking Joe figures off the shelves of my local Toys R Us. (No, I'm not one of those psycho collectors that pillage inventories)
Parents pulled their kids back and store clerks gave me stern looks, but in the end I was innundated with the new line of G.I Joes. I almost feel like digging foxholes in my backyard... ok maybe not.

It was great to see Joes back on the shelf. When I was a kid I remember looking up at the massive shelves full of Joes, action outfits, and vehicles towering over me. Now, everything is on eye-level, shrink wrapped, and a lot smaller looking. But its still nice to see the lasting appeal of the Joes.

Ok, Joe went from 12" to 3 3/4" to 5 1/4", But he's still here. I like the new figures although they are a radical departure from the original, but anything that is to have longevity must adapt to changing times. In coming into present day, each figure sports a weapon that is outlandishly huge compared to the figure's size.

The original Joes were heroes as they waged against evil with a .45 and an M-1 rifle. They didn't have turbo chargers straped to their backs nor did their eyes didn't shoot flames. They were regular guys driven by extraordinary circumstances. As time marches on, and the new Joes fight SKAR, the history of the Joes remains strong and kids today have a vibrant hero to turn a boring afternoon into a battle against evil... and extreme times do call for extreme heroes!

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