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[letter D]razen Petrovic was an extraordinary young man, and a true pioneer in the global sports of basketball. I know that a lasting part of his athletic legacy will be that he paved the way for other international players to compete successfully in the NBA. I think all basketball fans will long remember the scene of Drazen Petrovic and his gallant Croatian teammates, having overcome enormous hardship, receiving their silver medals at the Olympics in Barcelona. The memories of Drazen are etched in our minds. His contributions to the sport of basketball were enormous. We are all proud of the fact we knew him.
NBA Commissioner, David J. Stern
"I have never seen any pro or amateur player work as hard," Nets Assistant Coach Tom Newell told the New York Daily News. "He's the consummate pro in commitment and dedication."
And that is exactly how he lived his life. He has committed his life to the game and to the country that he loved the most.
This is his story.

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