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MOTD: Happy new year! As always, feel free to browse my TF picture and sound archive, now with 91 files. Please mail comments on everything, so that I can make this an even better page, the adress is in the end.
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Teletran's TF page Quite a cool page, with MOV files from the movie
Skywarp's page Some icons and pictures
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Elegy Dirge's Beast Wars icon page Fanfic and file archive
LeoCaesar's (?) TF page Has interesting japanese TF info
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Optimus Primal's BW page Beastwars bio and tech specs
Naonori Naito's TF page A great source of Japanese TF info
Ratbat's TF page Get the top 10 lists directly from the source!
Transformers: Wars A new TF/BW crossover fanfic
Phule's TF page Whoa, catalogue scans!
The Transformers online fanclub


FTP archives:

The archive
The archive
The archive, under construction.
The archive, last updated by me on 960121.
An archive with logs from the TF2k5 MUSH
Douglas Vander Hoek's archive, highly recommended.
Robert A Jung's fanfic archive


TF 2005 MUSH (TF 2k5)
Cybertronian Dreams MUSH
TF MUSH Refuge at Living Fiction
TF2 MUSH, the Second Generation New address!

TF information:

The Transformers FAQ, by Steve Stonebraker. Version 4.1!
A bad TF tech specs list, by Cloo.
An info text about CWTS (Cybertronian Wars MUSH)
A text about coming TFs and how to order them.
The complete TF toy list, by Robert A Jung. New!
The TFs I have, for your excitement.
An info text about BotCon 95, the TF convent.
A very good Bio & Tech Specs list, by Hex.
A Transformer episode guide, by Aaron Marsh.
A list of gestalt Transformers, TFs that combine, by Marek Kozubal.
You know you're obsessed with TFs, when..., by [email protected].
A parody on TF: The Movie, by Stanley Lui.
Lyrics to all the japanese TF cartoons, typed in by Tetra Reris.
TF quotes from a.t.t, typed in by Naomi Novik.
A lot of TF tag lines, typed in by Ryan Keefer.
Laser Optimus Prime, reviewed by Dave Van Domelen.
The Laser Cykles, reviewed by Dave Van Domelen.
The recoloured Autobot Cyberjets, reviewed by Dave Van Domelen.
Dave van Domelen reviews the british Fleetway G2 comic.
Transformers: The Gathering, by Dave Van Domelen.
Ideal Soldier: A fanfic by Sidney Hill
Play with me: Another fanfic by Sidney Hill.
Play with me: Second part.
Play with me: Third part.
Play with me: Fourth part.
Play with me: Fifth part.
Play with me: Sixth part.
Sidney Hill is looking for these TFs.
A cross-over between TF and Animaniacs, by Diana Calder
New tech specs for various recolours and such, by msipher.
More new tech specs, this time for the Minibots, by msipher.
New specs for the Breastforce, renamed "Beastmasters", by KKC.
The Transformers font as a font for Windows!
Information about Cybertronian Dreams, the new TF MUSH.
Information about the UK Transformer comics, by Martin McVay.
A list of non-toy TFs in the UK and US comics, by Martin McVay.
The TF fan purity test, by Diana Calder. Version 2.1!
A list of Japanese toys, by Tetra Reris.
The TF FanFic list, by Suzanne Ferree.
Top 10 signs that you're obsessed with TFs, by Robert A Jung.
A try to merge Takara's pre-TF continuity with TF, by Marc Miyake.
A list of TFs deceased, by Tetra Reris.
A summary of all American cartoon episodes, by Tetra Reris.
Information about The Survivors, a TF club.
A list of TFs only released in Europe, by Andrew Frankel.
The Autorollers, reviewed by Dave Van Domelen.
The Autobot insignia as ascii, by Wolverine.
Tech Specs for the Micromasters, by KKC.
Tech specs for more Micromasters, by KKC.
The Cunticons, byy Alan J Laser.
A TF/Gobots parody, by Alan J Laser.
Information about a TF RPG, by Derrick Seabrook.
The Lamercons, presented by [email protected]
Optimus Primal and Megatron, reviewed by Phil Zeman.
John Szymanski is looking for this.
The voices from TFTM, by John Szymanski.
Tech Specs for the Playschool TFs, by Dave Van Domelen.
The TF Classics, toy proposals by MSipher.
The Smurfs vs. Transformers, by Cosmos.
The Beast Wars leader pack, reviewed by Dave Van Domelen
The Regular Beast Wars, reviewed by Dave Van Domelen.
The DeLuxe Beast Wars, reviewed by Dave Van Domelen.
The comprehensive Japanese TF list, by Swiper.
Info about BotCon 96
The TF voice list, by Jinx.
Pardon Me, Tankacons, a fanfic, stats, and MUSH stuff, by Eric Y Cheu.
Altered Beast part 1, a Beast War fanfic by MSipher!
The Beast Wars FAQ, by Benson Gregory Yee.
The TF resource locator, by our friendly FAQ keeper. =)
Go to the TF IRC channel, #transformers on DalNet!
An info text about the TF Refuge on Living Fiction
The TF theme song in French, typed in by Elmo
Info about a new TF MUSH, TF2
A list of Australian TFs, by Dirge.
A list of character appearances in the cartoon, by Sarai
10 things guaranteed to intimidate your Decepticon opponent, by Ratbat.
10 things TFs don't want others to know about them, by Ratbat.
The top 10 reasons Optimus and Rodimus were the best leaders, by Ratbat.
The top 10 reasons Grimlock was the best leader, by Ratbat.
The top 10 reasons Megatron and Galvatron were the best leaders, by Ratbat.
10 things guaranteed to intimidate your Autobot opponent, by Ratbat.
10 more things TFs do not want others to know about them, by Ratbat.
A parody of TFTM, by Ratbat
The top 15 Autobots vs Decepticons list, by Ratbat.
10 quotes that Hasbro rejected, by David Willis.
Sideswipe's Excellent Adventure, a fanfic by David Willis.
New tech specs for various toys, by Msipher.
Comic vs cartoon Top 10, by Ratbat.
Why Galvatron is insane, by Ratbat.
Why Prowl and Starscream never will become leaders, by Ratbat.
A petition to Marvel to bring back the comic, by Sheila Willis.
Top 10: Why TF fandom is better than Star Trek fandom, by Lizard.
Top10: Why BW Megatron is better than the original, by Zobovor.
Top10: Why the original Megatron is better than the BW, by Zobovor.
Top10: Why Croc Megatron is better than the T-Rex, by PG Psycho.
Top10: Why Mindwipe deserves more respect, by Suzanne Ferree.
Top10: Why original OP is better than OPrimal, by Kathryn Pinault
Top10: Why not to have a binary partner, by Ratbat.
Top 10: What happened to Sparkplug after the movie, by Ratbat.
Random TF conversations overheard,, by Sammy Chau.
The TF codes, compiled by Phil Zeman.
The Transformers Infolocator, by Mr. FAQ Keeper
The TF reproduction list, by Playground Psychotic.
Top 10: Why Shockwave isn't running for president, by Ratbat.
Autobot Machine Wars reviewed, by Ben Yee.
Decepticon Machine Wars reviewed, by Ben Yee.

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