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Photo of me and the electric chairV and the electric chair (1995 photo at the Greenhaven Correctional Facility Death House)  


This is the Web version of Sing Sing Unplugged, a short film my brother and I made about our visit to New York State's electric chair. For this presentation, we've expanded our horizons to include the death penalty, serial killers, Andy Warhol, lightning, electrocution, electroshock therapy, and other related phenomena of our Wired society.

The electric chair has become a technological icon of our culture. From its original role as a media weapon in the Edison-Westinghouse fight to control the electrical grid in the late 1800's, to its ubiquitous presence in the current controversy over the death penalty, the electric chair has been an object of horror, fascination, tragedy, and even humor. Somehow, it seems to deserve its own place on the Net.

Sing Sing Unplugged - Annotated Film Description

Our movie is ten minutes long and 120 megabytes, still too much to send across the Net. The following is a section by section description, with some interesting stills and sound bites. Since it was a student film, we took the liberty of using clips from television and music from copyrighted songs,  so some of it can't be shared. However, the tour of the New York State Death House and the Electric Chair segments are the most amazing parts of the film and the footage is totally ours. We hope to make it available on the net in the near future, so please check back if it's not ready yet.

Update!!!:  We're SHOCKING our site!!!!!!  Browse our site NOW!!! for a rather gruesome Shockwave experience that we've conjured up for testing purposes. Coming soon: Visit the death house and see the electric chair in a Shockwave movie

Scene-by-Scene Description of Film

Other Electric Chair Stuff

Death Penalty Issues

Cops, Crimes, and Prisons

General background on the criminal justice system.

Serial Killers

Serial killers probably provide the best argument in favor of the death penalty.

Gas chambers, lethal injection, hanging, etc.

Update, August 1996

We have had many queries as to when we would be getting this part of the site up and running. Unfortunately, since we do this site on top of our regular full-time jobs, we simply don't have enough time to do everything we want to. Perhaps at some point we'll figure out how to actually make some money from all our efforts and free up some more time to expand our coverage. In the meantime, we hope that the following updates will whet your appetite for information about execution methods other than electrocution.

Electrocution in our society

Other strange electrical phenomena

Why a chair?

Why not a bed?

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