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Travelsickness Bags

Sadly neglected, airsickness bags and sickness bags in general don't get the attention they deserve, except in those short, intense moments they are very much needed and appreciated. In a world where people collect all kind of things to preserve them for our children to see, I have chosen to concentrate on these gadgets.

Introduction to sickness-bags-related terminology
- What you need to make yourself understood in certain critical moments.

Scandinavian airsickness bags
- The main part of my collection, emphasizing Scandinavian design and style.

Non-Scandinavian airsickness bags
- Puking devices from all over the world.

General travelsickness bags
- Barfbags that never went airborne.

Incoming Images

The Joy of Vomit (Not for the tender-hearted)

Spewmore (Jokes to be told after dinner)

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