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Star Trek 30:
One Weekend on Earth

September 7-8, 1996
Huntsville, Alabama
The ultimate Star Trek event!
Detailed info about the event and
this weekend's
live webcast now available!

And... Coming September 11th: Cast your vote for the Trekkers' Choice Awards.

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STAR TREK: CONTINUUM is the only official online information source for fans of this 30-year-old television and film phenomenon. A digital showcase of cutting-edge interactive and multimedia capabilites as well as an exhaustive collection of facts, trivia and background information, this dynamic online destination offers visitors the ultimate STAR TREK experience.

STAR TREK: CONTINUUM features special areas devoted to the four television series and seven feature films, and includes:
  • Complete show and film synopses
  • The latest STAR TREK news
  • Promotional photographs and video clips
  • Klingon culture and language guide
  • Talent and production credits and interviews
  • Exclusive content from The Official STAR TREK Fan Club
  • Worldwide directory of TV stations airing the STAR TREK series

STAR TREK: CONTINUUM also provides visitors with an array of interactive activities including:

Whether an ardent fan or a curious neophyte, visitors to STAR TREK: CONTINUUM will enjoy a bold voyage packed with information and online adventure.

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