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You could find here the latest arrivals of pictures, interviews, tutorials and resumes.


The most popular pages. Don't miss the Thomas 'Mahlzahn' Reiman, Vaughn Dettmann, Robert A. Mickelsen and Robert Rioux pictures page ! All the pictures come with a short description: title of the picture, author's name, softwares used, platform, ... Over 70 high quality 3D pictures.


Some famous 3D artists' interviews. Very useful if you want to learn how they created their somptuous 3D pictures. You could find there some tips ...


Come here for advanced modeling, rendering tips, ... Tips, techniques and tutorials for 3D packages such as 3D Studio, 3D Studio MAX, Alias PowerAnimator, Lightwave, ...


Are you searching for a job ? If yes, here is the right place. Send me your curriculum vitae and it will appear on these pages. Maybe it could help you to find a job ...


You'll find here a lot of links pointing to software firms, hardware firms, archives, galleries, ...

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