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Blackburn Trumpets are the result of more than two decades of combined research and development by Clifford Blackburn, William T. Cardwell (one of themost knowledgeable scientists in the world about trumpet acoustics) and the staff at Blackburn Trumpets. In every way Blackburn trumpets are state of the art. The materials used for Blackburn trumpet bells were decided upon after years of play testing in performance conditions by Clifford Blackburn and many of his professional colleagues. To our knowledge Blackburn Trumpets is the only company using ambronze to produce trumpet bells. This high copper alloy produces a tone that is rich and pure with that "just right" amount of sparkle.

The craftsmanship of Blackburn Trumpets is legendary. The valves and slides are precisely fitted to some of the closest tolerances in the industry. The assembly process is done with the minimum of clamps and fixtures so that the finished instrument is free from stress. Each brace is hand fitted to its place and after being carefuly soldered, the excess solder is removed by hand scraping. Great care is taken in making a Blackburn trumpet so out customers get exactly what they want.

Blackburn trumpets are being used by discriminating players around the world. Isn't it time for you to get a Blackburn trumpet and realize your potential?

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