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Just when you've gotten a handle on all the changes that have been happening in your body over the past few years -- you're suddenly faced with a whole new list of things to figure out like relationships, sexuality, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases ...

If you've begun to wonder about some of these issues -- and it seems like there is no end to the information you'll need in order to make sense of it all, maybe its time you started --

Getting Personal


With each new issue of Getting Personal, we'll have regularly updated information about Birth Control. In this issue, check out our interactive Birth Control Questionnaire -- and answer just a few questions to see which birth control method may be best for you.


In our Special Features area, we discuss Sexually Transmitted Diseases -- with a quick reference guide to STDs so you'll know how to spot 'em -- and how to avoid 'em.

This issue of Getting Personal also has a Special Feature on Why It Isn't Too Soon To Think About Osteoporosis. -- You'll find some eye-opening information about how to take care of your bones for today -- and for the future!

We've also gotten the inside scoop on shaving techniques -- from shaving veterans -- eight models who share their secrets on getting the smoothest shave.


Take a look at some crazy myths many people believe about birth control and pregnancy in the Miss Conceptions section -- and clear up the confusion caused by Miss Conceptions!

Also in Just For Fun, take a look at our picks for the Top 10 -- The 10 worst reasons to decide to have sex for the first time -- and helpful ways to avoid making the list! Send us your own Worst Reason in our Yo! Girls.

Check out all the great new features in WomenSpace -- and let us know what you think!

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