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Babe Vote '97

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NEW: Shania Twain

Votes Received: 0

Results for Week 8

#1: Sandra Bullock

Votes Received: 15

#2: Jenny McCarthy

Votes Received: 13

#3: Lea Thompson

Votes Received: 11

#4: Patricia Ford

Votes Received: 10

#T5: Heidi Mark

Votes Received: 9

#T5: Teri Hatcher

Votes Received: 9

#7: Alicia Silverstone

Votes Received: 8

#T8: Heather Stewart-Whyte

Votes Received: 7

#T8: Yasmine Bleeth

Votes Received: 7

#T8: Yasmeen Ghauri

Votes Received: 7

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