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David's Dolphin Images
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This page is for all dolphin fans. It is a collection of photos of dolphins and some other whales. All images on my pages are photos that I took on trips the last couple of years. This page is 100% non-commercial, I just want to give dolphin fans a place where they go "virtual whale watching" on the Web. Some photos are from captive dolphins others are wild animals.

This page is not an information base about dolphins. I just love dolphins and whales and love to take photos. There are many other WWW pages and very good books with infomation about those animals. If you want to get more info about dolphins, about their life, their behaviour and things like that, please take a look at the links (click on the Links button). I also recommend the Dolphin FAQ.

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to the photos Click here to go to the photos. This page contains all photos as thumbnails (small preview images). It gives you an overview of all my photos. If you like one, just click on it and you get the large version.

to the report In December 1995 I joined an Earthwatch project. It is called the "Bahamas Marine Mammal Survey". I enjoyed the trip very much and wrote down a small report with some photos.

Links As I said there are many other places where you can get more info about dolphins or whales. I have put together a list of links to other dolphin/whale related sites.

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