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Jack Napier was a mob goon. He was quiet and ruthless. He also had a sick sense of humor, and was never without his lucky deck of cards. Jack felt as though he should have a greater purpose in the underworld. In additon he had a wife who was expecting and the Napiers wre out of money. When informed by a few of his fellow criminals at the Stacked Deck about a job at the Axis Chemical plant, Napier so it as easy money. The only hitch would be that they wanted Jack to wear a large red hood over his head to disguise himself. It was a trademark to throw the police off of their crimes. Upon completion of the job however, Jack found himself surrounded by cops and running for his life. This is when history would turn for young Jack Napier, as he ran into the Batman for the first time. The Batman confronted the "Red Hood" and a battle and chase began. The hood Napier wore began to impair his sight and weighed him down. Napier came to a dead end with the Batman just a few feet behind him. Napier slipped and was hanging off the rafters of the plant. The Batman tried to help his foe but was too late, Napier's hands slipped as he few into a a pool of chemicals. He was knocked unconscious, and awoke a mile or so from the plant. He had been dragged by the current of the water through a sewage drain out into the Gotham river. He regained consciousness and found a terrible burning and maddening feeling throughout his body and face. He removed the red hood as the burning got worse and worse. He ran holding his face and burst out into a ghastly laugh. When he reached a mirror he saw his mouth blood red and shaped into a permanent evil grin, his skin color turned a dastardly white, and his hair a devilish shade of green. This transformation turned an already criminal mind into utter madness, the Joker is born. The methods of the Joker are simple; gain the utmost pleasure in breaking every law and moral statured known to man. More importantly make the crime even funnier by constantly playing a game of cat and mouse with Batman. He views every crime, infliction of pain and suffering, and even murder as the ultimate joke. Each crime he commits is hid stage to shine, and mock Batman into stopping him. His trademarks are his laughing gas, smilex chemical which turn his victims with the same ghastly grin as his own, and razor sharp playing cards. As crazy as the Joker is, he is extremely intelligent. He often has access to inside information within Gotham City which is only available to government officials and the police. His crimes generally are without real motive, other than bringing the Batman as close to the edge as possible. He strives not just to outdo the Dark Knight, but Batman's other villains as well, for if they have the honor of doing the Batman in, then he has no purpose. He often allies with them, using them as mere pawns to lure the Batman out. To the Joker crime is merely a stage on which he performs. The character was able to be more openly explored in the animated series, but since is was a childrens show the violent and sadistice side of the character was not touched on either. Synopsis: Homicidal sociopath, and the most dangerous madman and mass murder in existence. Joker is housed in Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane when not loose on the streets of Gotham. First appeared Batman#1, Spring 1940.