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Private Earthquakes

Welcome to "Private Earthquakes". This is a multimedia gallery combining the prose, poetry, and sound recordings of Diana S. Walker with the paintings of Aaron M. Huffman.

Although the prose and poetry selected for this piece are directly related, the order in which you perceive the different pieces of the story is individualized by the links that you choose to follow. If at any time you wish to skip to the end of the gallery, click on the image of the recycle icon on the bottom of the page (or the link "The End" for you text visitors). If you wish to come back to this page, click on the icon of books at the bottom of the page (or the link "The Beginning" for you text viewers). Otherwise, chose your path by clicking on one of the identical fish icons (for text folk, the links will be the name of the file that they're heading to).

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About the Artist, and the Author

The Artist...

Aaron Huffman, whose paintings are featured here, is a 23 year-old artist residing in Seattle, Washington. Aaron was born in Concord, CA, and grew up in Seattle and Virginia. His favorite artists are Robert Motherwell and Gustav Klimt.

Aaron attended the University of Washington, working towards a degree in Art, but like so many people, is currently on hiatus trying to earn the money to continue. He supports himself by many means, but his favorite is graphic design and freehand illustration.

All of the paintings in this gallery are done in acrylics. Currently, Aaron is working in charcoal and ink, doing life drawing, but plans to continue his work in acrylics in the near future. If you wish to contact him about his paintings or other work, you can contact him at 206-524-7624, or you can email him using the link at the bottom of the page.

...and the Author

Diana Walker wrote the prose and poetry piece "Private Earthquakes".

She also developed these web pages, made the sound recordings, and scanned in the photos of the paintings as part of an assignment for her Winter Quarter 1996 class English 407A, Electronic Culture, taught by Steven Shaviro,but mostly to get over the fear of having other people see her writing. Diana is a 24 year-old student at the University of Washington, in Seattle, WA, studying Comparative Literature and Biochemistry. She grew up in Miami, FL and Seattle, WA.

Diana's goals are to take happiness where she find it, eventually become a doctor, and to publish some of her writing. You can contact her by emailing [email protected], or using the link at the bottom of the page.

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All text and sounds recordings Copyright 1996 Diana S. Walker.
All images, save the background images and bitmapped icons, Copyright 1996 Aaron M. Huffman.

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