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Philip Greenspun

I'm a graduate student at the AI Lab and Laboratory for Computer Science.

When I don't have any good ideas for research, I travel, write, or take pictures. I also teach probability and signal processing to EECS undergraduates and think about careers for engineers and computer scientists. I have my favorite links on the Web, of course.

In the good old days, I was interested in politics and litigation. One thing I'll never lose is my narcissism, which causes me to maintain a large album of pictures of myself, much to the horror of my friends.

What's New

I've become a scum-sucking yuppie materialist. Before I realized that money doesn't grow on trees, I took a bunch of pictures of them, though I still think a photo without Alex is sorely lacking. Because I think a Web site without a relational database backend is pointless, I built the NE43 Memory Project.

I have completed work on a free Internet-wide mailing list service, potentially useful if you publish a popular Web site. You might also like my automated link management system.

If you think none of the above is interesting, you can search my entire Web server.

[email protected] or phone/mail