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Our Mission? [Audio]
To explore strange new Cyber-Worlds....To seek out new Cyber-Life and Information....
To boldly go where no pet fancier has gone before....

Cyber-Pet is dedicated to providing important & useful information to both the Pet Lay-Person as well as the more Experienced Pet Fancier, all in a unique & fun manner.

What are Cyber-Pets? [Audio]
They're faster than a speeding Greyhound. More powerful than a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Able to leap tall fences in a single bound.
Look! OUT IN CYBERSPACE,... It's a Nerd,... It's a Flame, ...Its...............
.....and who disguised as Karl K9 and Felicia Feline, mild mannered house pets from the Haily Metropolitan Pet Paper, fight a never ending battle for Truth, Justice & the Cyber-Pet Way.....
.....Not to mention for a few treats and some time on the couch once in a while!

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Cyber-Pet is continually adding new adventures & information to its pages. So if you don't find what your looking for today, try back with us again tomorrow.

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