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Sharks are magical creatures who scientists and researchers have been trying to figure out for years. They are remarkable fish that have not evolved biologically in over 300 million years. There are roughly 350 different sharks, broken down into 8 seperate classifications, with families of sharks within each classification. This site is dedicated to the studying of sharks and what they really are. Sharks are not blood, thirsty creatures whose only goal in life is to hunt and kill humans as some people want you to believe. They are graceful, elegant creatures of our seas living the ways they have for millions of years. You will find out all sorts of information in this site. Eating habits, where sharks live, what kinds of sharks there are plus lots and lots of other neat stuff. When visiting this site, I only ask of three things from you. 1) That you view this information with open eyes and to truly learn about the shark for what they are. 2) If you read something that I have written that appears to be inncorrect or out of date, please email me so I can erradicate the error. And finally 3) YOU HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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Credits and Bibliography

The information contained in this tribute to sharks are from my 15 years of studying these creatures. I have been studying sharks since I have been eight and have read many, many books on sharks and shark stories. But, let me point out that I am not a Marine Biologist, I work in the film and television industry in Toronto, Canada and do not know everything there is to know about sharks.... it's just a hobby of mine and something that I am truly fascinated with. I would like to accredit some people who's work I have used in this web page. Xavier Maniguet is a French researcher who has written, what I believe to be the best comprehensive book on sharks that I have ever read. It is called The Jaws of Death ( published by Harper Collins in Canada) and is available at all major book stores. A lot of information for this website has come from this book, especially the information on the different species of sharks. As well, the pictures found in this page are copywrighted to The Jaws of Death, and may not be used to make money or profit. The photo credits for the pictures are located next to the pictures themselves. I would like to note that I do not work for any of the companies that produce the books. This website is supposed to be informational and not for profit. The only advertising I will subject you to is to join a conservation group that helps protects the sharks of our oceans or to buy any of the books that I have listed in the below Other Reading section.

I would also like to thank Ron and Valerie Taylor.. better known to us as Mr. and Mrs. Shark! Their documentries and films on sharks taught me to respect their beauty, as well as to respect their danger.
Mr. Richard Ellis has been a source of inspiration for shark enthusiasts all over, inculding myself. He has several excellent sourc guides and books on sharks as well as dolphins and whales. I have included a complete bibliogrpahy of books for sale by Mr. Ellis. Please check out the bottom of this page for this information.
Finally, as one person mentioned to me in an email recently, I forgot to mention the shark master, Dr. Leonard Compagno, who of course wrote the extensive shark directory for the FAO. Without his dedication to the sharks, more and more of them would probably be slaughtered out of fear and ignorance. He has several excellent books available from finer book stores in your area.

Other Readings:

If I may suggest some other reading that your might find interesting about sharks, here are some titiles you can look for at your local book store and public library:

Eyewitness Books: Shark. This is a great book for kids who are interested in learning about sharks at a general level. It does not go into specifics about many sharks, but does cover a lot of information about them and Rays. Written by: Miranda Macquitty. Published by: Stoddart Publishing Company.

Sharks by Andrew Cleave. A great general book with lots of fabulous pictures! I picked this book up for $10 CDN at a book sale. Lots of good information about general topics such as: Mackeral sharks, reproduction, digestion, and so on. Written by: Andrew Cleave. Published by: Todtri Publishing Company.

Great White Shark by Jacques Cousteau. One of the most comprehensive books on one of the most feared creatures in the world. Brilliant full colour pictures and great story telling by the master of the deep. Written by: Jacques Cousteau

And here's one for the little ones.... Sharks of the World colouring book by Llyn Hunter. This is a great book for kids to learn about sharks while colouring them at the same time. If I had fun with this one... and I'm 23.... well, your kids will love it!!!!! Written by: Llyn Hunter. Published by: Dover Publishing.
Mr. Richard Ellis has several amazing books on sharks.. the most famous probably being The Book of Sharks, which deals with the study of all sharks. He has an extensive section on sharks found in North American waters. Here is his complete bibliography and all his books are available at a local bookstore near you!

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