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The Interactive Tour of Tasmania
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Tasmania is located off the southeast corner of mainland Australia. It is Australia's smallest state in terms of both size and population, yet is a major tourist attraction due to the diverse and spectacular scenery, unspoilt wilderness and heritage. This tour is designed to give you a brief guide to Tasmania (or "Tassie" in the local vernacular), providing you with a taste of some of this scenery and the attractions which the state offers.
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Start the tour by selecting a region or topic from this table. Hop from place to place at your leisure, or take a complete tour from one end of the state to the other. This is your tour - proceed as you wish!

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  • North-west coast

    The Nut NW Map
    Tasmania's north-west coast is one of the state's most prosperous farming areas and a popular tourist destination. The rich, volcanic soil is ideal for the major agricultural activities - potato growing, prime beef and dairy cattle.

    North and north-east

    Flinders Is. NE Map
    Tasmania's north-east is know for its quality timber and grazing land. Several historic sites evidence the role mining played in Tasmania's history. Launceston, the second- largest city in Tasmania, is on the north coast's Tamar River.

    Flora and Fauna

    Tasmanian Devil
    This unique section of the Tour introduces you to some of the many native Tasmanian animals and plants. Click on the Tasmanian Devil to begin your Tour with the Tasmanian flora and fauna page.

    East coast

    Wineglass Bay E Map
    The east coast is known to have the finest weather in Tasmania, and is often called "Tasmania's Suncoast." It has white sandy beaches, popular national parks, convict ruins and fishing ports which can serve as a base for fishing and diving.

    Tasman Peninsula

    Port Arthur Tas Pen Map
    The Tasman Peninsula, steeped in history, is a "must see" for visitors to Tasmania. Along with the convict ruins at Port Arthur, there is the Tasmanian Devil park and the timber milling museum, plus several spectacular natural features.

    Southern Tasmania

    Const. Dock S Map
    The most densely populated region of the state, the south has many bushland areas and natural wonders. Hobart, the state capital and largest city in Tasmania, is in the south-east and boasts historic buildings as well as proximity to regional attractions.

    West coast

    Strahan W Map
    Western Tasmania is known for its mineral and wilderness value. South-west Tasmania has some of the most pristine and beautiful wilderness in the world, rewarding bushwalkers and the more leisurely tourists with spectacular sights.

    Central and midlands

    Cradle Mtn Central Map
    The lakes and mountains of the central highlands are a popular destination in Tasmania, offering superb fishing and camping. The midlands is a prime wool- producing area, and the main highway connecting Hobart and Launceston passes by many historic towns.
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