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Study the Fine Arts in Greece and Italy...


The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts 1997 Program

1997 marks the Center's thirtiy-first year on the island of Paros
and our eight in Italy.

For the past 31 years The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts has offered individual study in the visual arts and creative writing. Our permanent facility is in one of the worlds most compelling locations--the Greek Islands. The Spring Session is held at our permanent facility on the island of Paros and runs from late March through late June. The Fall Session begins in Italy and concludes at our permanent facility on Paros. The Fall Session runs from early September through mid December.

The value of an individual study program in a foreign environment is surely the best and most satisfying way to acquire a new valuable world perspective as well as broaden a sense of self.

Each session is designed around a format of intensive small group instruction with our full-time staff members in drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, creative writing and history of the arts as well as one-on-one consultation and independent studio and field work. Students are encouraged to work at their own level and pace, exploring and expanding a personal vocabulary while being immersed in the classical disciplines from which the Western tradition of art and thought have emerged. Students choose from a weekly schedule of classes or from one-on-one instruction with the Center's qualified and excellent faculty. With Greece being well situated geographically, our one week midterm break gives students the chance to travel to other sites in Greece, Turkey, Europe, or points beyond, or to continue working in their studio as they see fit.

The Aegean Center is committed to tailoring instruction to the needs of the individual student. Student self-motivation and a more active participation in the process of his or her own learning are stressed. For this reason, and to achieve a close student-teacher relationship, we limit our enrollment to 16 students per session. Each of the individual instructors are therefore uniquely qualified to evaluate each student's work.

Students are encouraged to choose their own projects, define their own goals and achieve growth on real terms, not through regimented goal seeking and other means most commonly found in traditional large school, environment.

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