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logo A love of being able to control the outcome of one's efforts and sharing information formed the foundation of Faith's involvement in bodybuilding on the Internet and the Web. It was also the basis of her decision to develop and publish Faith Sloan's BodyBuilding Site.

Faith Sloan, president of Arcadia BodyBuilding Society in San Francisco and owner of FRS Associates, a Web Site Design and SAS Programming company, asked the question, "How can a techie who loves people and loves pumping iron and the science behind it, share the wealth on the Net?"

The answer to her question was the creation of this wonderfully, informative, and dynamic site.

The goals of the site are:

  • To provide a bodybuilding forum for individuals around the world to talk to each other about bodybuilding, nutrition, and diet.
  • To help people make the best use of available resources to be in control of their mind and body.
  • To provide information in the form of articles, relevant links, commercial interests, news, and more!
Thank you for visiting and for making this site what it is today. Learn, Share, and Enjoy!

To contact Faith, send email to
If you want advice about your training and diet program, please check out the BodyBuilding Discussion Forum by clicking on the 'Dis and 'Dat Talk link.

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