Archived Pages from 20th Century!!


These photos were taken about 1910 and have been "hand-tinted" with photo manipulation software. The original images are available from the remarkable collection at the American Memory Homepage.

They are formatted as inline jpegs.

If you like these images, take a look at New Orleans Cemetery Images, a selection of modern photos presented with brief audio commentary from the photgrapher.

St. Louis Number One. Illustrating the wrought iron fencework around many of the crypts (75K).

This shot (also from St. Louis #1) brings to mind the term necropolis, as the tombs seem to rise several stories off the street (57K).

Eerie view down a side street -- City of the Dead(38K).

Metairie Cemetery. It really looks like each tomb has its own driveway...(57K)

Monumental site in Metairie Cemetery(38K).

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