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Click the photo for the full motorcycle line-up, or take the inside line and jump to the new Royal Star Tour Deluxe or the new "600cc Streetbike of the year" the YZF600R and the just-as-new YZF1000R . Check out the dirt champion, another "Bike of the Year" winner, the YZ125 . Into scooters? Scan the new Zuma II.

 All Terrain Vehicles

Click the photo for the full ATV line-up, or follow the direct links to see the long-awaited new Big Bear 4x4.


Click the photo for the water vehicle line-up, or shoot straight to the all new WaveRunner GP 760 and the awesome, long-awaited triple-cylinder, 135 horsepower WaveRunner GP1200.


Click the photo for the snowmobile line-up, including the inside story on the latest technology that's causing a revolution. Or take an insider's look at our new 1997 Snocross Racing Team.


Click the photo for the full line-up of marine outboard engines, of click on this direct link to the all new Pro V-Max, twin rotating propeller engine. Or discover the technology behind our patented saltwater anti-corrosion breakthrough.


Click the photo for the boat line, including the incredible Exciter Jet Boat. Or go directly to any of our three newly aquired complete boat lines, the Cobia, Century and Skeeter boat companies.


Click the photo for the complete line of generators and water pumps, from the portable EF600 to the mighty ELD6500. Winter is coming fast, and hurricane season is already here.


Click this photo if you're a future Indy 500 winner. Yamaha powered racing karts, like the Renspeed karts, can go from zero to 60 mph in under four seconds and reach speeds over 115 mph.


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