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Earth Observatorium:

Mission to Planet Earth CD-ROMs

For Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and Macintosh Computers.

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Earth Observatorium CD-ROMs

This series of CD-ROMs presents Earth from space in a multimedia/database format. Each CD-ROM presents photos of Earth from Space in a unique way, identifying each photo and providing links to other information about the photos, countries and science objectives. Currently there are two CD-ROMS:

Mission to Planet Earth, the STS-59 flight

Mission to Planet Earth, the STS-68 flight

Others are in preparation. Currently we are working on a volume: Best of the Shuttle You can read about it here and pre-purchase it if you'd like!

The first two CD-ROMs explore NASA's program "Mission to Planet Earth" through the use of the complete photographic results of Earth from Space Shuttle flights 59 & 68. (almost 25,500 24- bit color photos). NASA's program is dedicated to the study of the Earth's environment from Space for purposes of establishing a baseline for future studies of our use and mis-use of our fragile planet.

Download the navigation menu screen GIF from a CD-ROM. (200k)

These CD-ROMS provide one of the most comprehensive photographic records of the planet Earth ever published for the consumer, each photo annotated with Country name and features coupled with a powerful navigation and search interface. It can be used by students and teachers, the general public and even scientists to explore the varied and interesting environment of our planet. Examine smoke plumes rising from our clear cutting of forests, strip mining, oil slicks in our oceans, beautiful cloud formations, snow cover mountain ranges, expansive deserts, glaciers, coral reefs, lakes, rivers, remote islands, and much more.

In addition to the complete photographic results, this ambitious space program is explained through the interactive use of text, sound and movies. The Space Radar Lab flew on STS-59 and STS-68 to test various Radar instruments in space and collect the initial results for study by scientists. Many of the actual radar images of Earth with analysis are presented.

Perhaps most unique about this CD-ROM is the ability to view every one of the almost 25,500 photos taken by the astronauts along with the annotation of each picture by country name, general feature, time, and lat/long location. The pictures can be accessed in several ways.

  • Orbit. View the earth by orbit, in time sequence.
  • Country. View all the pictures taken of one country.
  • Location. Load the nearest photo by clicking on a World coverage map.
  • Description - Search by keyword. Find all the volcanos, reefs, storms.
  • Time. Enter the Universal time of the photo and load the nearest image.
  • Individual photo. Type in the photo name to recall a favorite photo.
  • Quality Filter by quality of image.
  • Automatic viewing mode: Select criteria to view images in slide show.
  • Other features of Earth Observatorium include:

  • View the Shuttle position for each photo on a topographic map of the Earth in three different resolutions. Animate the orbit. See the terminator.
  • View the location of each image, complete with terminator.
  • List cities near or in each photo.
  • View a political map for each photo and read about each country.
  • Visit the astronauts and learn their backgrounds, view them at work and listen to extensive audio interviews (STS-59 only).
  • View a 16 minute movie of the Astronauts in debriefing after flight (STS68 only)
  • Read the daily status reports for the mission from NASA.
  • View the radar images, and their interpretations. Search for visual photos near each Radar image to compare the images.
  • Learn about the "Mission to Planet Earth", Earth Observing System and the Global Change Research programs. using the interactive handbooks.
  • Read about the STS59 & 68 science results and progress (STS68 only)
  • Read the Shuttle Handbook to learn all about the Space Shuttle.
  • Export the text information the the clipboard, the printer or a file.
  • A complete subject index for the CD-ROM permits jumping to a specific topic without navigation through the normal sections.

    Each picture is displayed in 24- bit color and is best viewed with a 16- or 24- bit color card and at least a 640 x 480 size color monitor. Although 8-bit color mode (256 colors) is supported, the quality of the image will be better using the 16 or 24 bit mode. In addition, to provide the complete and unedited photographic record of this flight, the images are compressed using JPEG compression. Therefore, for quicker playback, it is recommended that the computer clock speed be at least 30 mhz or greater. A PowerMac, Quadra , 486 with 66Mhz, or Pentium PC processor with at least 8 MB (16 MB is ideal). System 7+ for the Mac and Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 for the PC is supported.

    The images are accessible outside the program for use in other desktop programs using tools provided on the CD-ROM. Each of the 25,500 photos can be requested from NASA as high resolution positive or negative film. We provide complete instructions for ordering film or prints from NASA. We have also provided a couple examples of the PHOTOCD quality images possible when scanning these films to CD-R.

    This CD-ROM should be of interest to students of all ages, teachers, geologists, environmentalists, space enthusists, researchers, and the general public interested in earth photography and environmental issues.

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