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Hyperreal is a collaborative publishing effort by over one hundred volunteers. Our mission is to give a home to alternative culture, music and expression.

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Hyperreal serves as an archive of the digital expression of the world-wide rave scene. Whether you go to parties 5 times a week or have never stayed up past 2a.m., you should walk away with something new every time you visit...

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A massive archive of techno and ambient music, including:

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Hyperreal hosts an assortment of publications related to our mission:

5R,8R-(+)-lysergic acid diethylamide

--| Chemistry |--

Lamont Granquist and several others have assembled this indispensible resource for unrestricted information about recreational drugs of all types. Don't let the War on Some Drugs or countless urban legends keep you from knowing all the facts about drugs. The information here could save your life.

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We have a small but useful library of sound & graphics tools
and some fun visual programs for navel-staring,
including the ever-popular Acidwarp for PCs.

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