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The Natural History Museum is dedicated to furthering the understanding of the natural world through its unrivalled collections, its world class exhibitions and education, and through its internationally significant programme of scientific research.

The Natural History Museum is in London, UK.

If you've not visited our web site before, please read the introduction. If you're a regular visitor, check what's new. Otherwise, these are the main categories of information you'll find here:

The Museum

In The Museum section of this web site there is information about our exhibitions, membership scheme, sister organisations, on-line exhibitions and general information.

The Earth Galleries are the largest development at the Museum since it opened in 1881. In these new galleries, you can explore our understanding of the planet and see how the earth sciences affect our everyday lives.

Take a look atwhere you can see what happens behind the scenes at the Museum. Our latest casebook invites you to join Museum scientists as they investigate a mysterious visitor from outer-space - the 'Cosmic football'.


In the Education section, there is information about all aspects of the Museum's educational resources, activities and events.


In the Science section, there is information about the Museum's science departments and research projects.

Information services

In the Information services section, you'll find links to other sites, our databases and library catalogues, picture library and information publications.

If you have any comments or suggestions for us, we welcome feedback, and by filling in our comment form you could win one year's free membership of the Museum.

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