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E6756 Serial #6756924 Circa l896 $495.00
Elgin Watch Co. (osize) l4K hunting case. 7 jewel gilded movement. Roman numerals, sunk second dial .Light spade hands. This charming gem has a near mint heavy scroll and floral crested case. Dust cover inscribed "Morgan to Ada Sept. 6, l899" Scrolled initial in shield.

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Hl302 Serial #l302294 circa l890 $275.00
Hampden Watch Co. (o size) GF Hunting case "Molly Stark" Gilded 7 jewels. Brequet hair spring. Lever set. Sunk second dial. Excellent Dueber case guaranteed 20 years. Beautiful floral scrolled and machined case. Light spade hands. Roman numerals, White enamel dial, two slight hairlines.

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H23l7 Serial # 23l7695 circa l907 $295.00
Hampden Watch Co. (6 size) l4K excellent GF Dueber Special Hunting case. with heavy leaf design & scroll on 3/4 of case. l5 Jewels. Lever Set. Mint enamel dial with Roman numerals, Sunk second dial and moon hands. Beautifully damaskeened movement. Dust cover inscribed "Will to Myrtle" Xmas l9l0"

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E653l Serial # 653l564 circa l895. $225.00
Elgin Watch Co. (6 size) GF excellent hunting case scrolled and etched with empty shield. 7 Jewel gilded movement. Mint enamel dial with Roman numerals. Sunk second dial and light spade hands.

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E20l5 Serial #20l56086 circa l9l6 $325.00
Elgin Watch Co. (O size) GF guaranteed 20 year excellent plain hunting case with a beautiful pink gold star set with a small diamond suspended in the center. The gorgeous dial is sky blue with gold and silver marks between the Roman numerals and gold dots between the outer ring of five minute Arabic numerals. Sunk second dial. 7 Jewels and a damaskeened movement enhance this little treasure.

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W6996 Serial #6996525 circa l894. $l95.00
Waltham Watch Co. (6 Size) l4K GF Fahy's Monarch excellent hunting case with house and water scene; lovely scroll engraved, with open shield . Roman numerals and sunk second dial. 7 Jewel gilt movement.

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Sl677 Serial #l677 circa l900 $l95.00
Sterling Silver Swiss cylinder open face with gold open shield. This is a tiny lady's watch with the original art nouveau pin attached of a women's face with large hat and flowers. Gold marks between the Roman numerals and five minute marks.

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SWTNY $375.00
Swiss l0 ruby jewel made for Transa Watch Co., New York. A beautiful purple wave enamel case on gilded sterling silver. Stamped 935. Ball shaped bezel .Purple stone on crown winder. Original pearl drop and sterling watch chain accompanies this superb enamel. One inch in diameter. Dial has black Arabic numbers with a red number l2 surrounded by gold dots. Brequet moon hands.

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R4056 Serial #40566 circa l895 $375.00
Remontoir - Swiss l0 jewel, l4K gold open face. Pin set. Vermicelli engraved around an empty shield. Dial is roman numerals and is framed by a diamond shaped extra wide bezel which is delicately engraved. The enamel dial has several undetectable hairlines and an unrepaired chip under the edge of the bezel which does not detract from this very elegant watch, approx. 28mm size.

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Sl8030 Serial #l8030 circa l900 $250.00
La Sirene Swiss Cylinder. lever set. Coin silver hunting case 28mm size pendant watch replete with Art Nouveau pin of three angels on a cloud. Sunk second dial, Roman numerals on enamel. Case is elegantly sunrise engraved with empty center shield.

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Wl935 Serial#l93528l2 circa l9l3 $275.00
Waltham (AWW Co.) o size open face . l3 jewels . Very beautiful 25 year Wadsworth Gold filled case with royal blue and aqua Art Deco enamel surrounding an oversize bezel and enamel and Art Deco engraving around the open shield on the reverse. The dial has Roman numerals and red five minute marks. The movement is crisp and gilded.

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SHB circa l920. $250.00
Schlesinger Swiss cylinder gold filled. Pomegranate red enamel pendant watch with matching original red enamel Fleur de Lis pin. ll lignes. (approx. 25mm) Porcelain dial with gold dots atop the Arabic numbers.

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E2530 Serial #25309l45 circa l922 $350.00
Elgin (Nat. Watch Co.) l5 jewel (model 6 - 3/4 plate) Size l6. Case marked "25 year Philadelphia" Gold filled Hunting case. This is a gorgeous heavily engraved, floral, leaf and Deco design case with scroll initial in shield. Arabic numeral dial with sunk second dial and spade hands. Beautifully damaskeened movement.

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El283 Serial #l2836220 circa l906 $l65.00
Elgin O size 7 jewel . Stem set 800 coin Silver Open Face. Lovely engraving on back of a house scene, birds, trees. Heavy engraving and machining on wide bezel. The beautiful colored mint face is robin's egg blue with gold hand painted marks between the Arabic numbers. Sunk second dial and gold Louis XlV hands.

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W7506 Serial #750633l circa l896 $l65.00
Waltham (A.W.W. Co.) For RYRIE BROS. Toronto l5 jewel Gold filled size l6 open face. Clean "Fortune" case machined with empty shield surrounded by leaves. Sunk second dial, Arabic numerals and light spade hands. A nice hefty man's watch with beautiful damaskeened movement.

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I2704 Serial #2704003 circa l9l5 $295.00
Illinois 3/0 size. ll jewel J.R.Wood & Sons. 25 year warranteed gold filled Hunting case. Absolutely plain on both sides ready for your initials. Crisply running movement. Sunk second dial. Arabic numerals and red five minute numbers on outer dial.

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El032 Serial #l03229l3 circa l903 $295.00
Elgin 6 size 7 jewel gold filled hunting case. Engraved cover with gorgeous leaves, flowers and birds on both sides. Initialed crest. Superb enamel dial has Roman numerals and sunk second dial. Light spade hands. Beautiful gilded movement.

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W543l Serial #5431086 circa l889. $475.00
Waltham (A.W.W.Co.) l5 jewel Multi-colored case. 6 size gold filled hunting case. Gilded and engraved 3/4 plate movement. The beautiful near mint case features raised relief rose/yellow/green flowers, blossoms and butterflies. Also decorating the case are raised relief green leaf patterns and swirls, as well as a scrolled rose colored crest. Featured on the back is a raised relief bird of rose, green and yellow. The outer edges are fully engraved. Colorful rose bouquets and green leaf patterns decorate the outer edges of this spectacular and superb fancy dial. Pink scalloping surrounds the Arabic numerals with gold leaves between each number.

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I3l43 Serial #3143611 circa 1885 $395.00
Illinois Watch Co. l2 size."A . Lincoln" 2l jewel l4 K open face. Adjusted 5 positions. double roller, Sharply damaskeened in bright striped pattern. Raised gold jewel caps. Gold center wheel. Black enamel lettering on movement. Champagne double sunk dial with Arabic letters and Brequet moon hands. Plain l4K case has Art Deco monogram on obverse.

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W2101 Serial #2l0l3l73 Circa l9l7. $145.00
Waltham l8 size l7 jewel o/f lever set. Beautifully damaskeened full nickel movement plate. Double sunk perfect porcelain dial with Roman numerals and red five minute markers. Machined and floral engraving on the back.

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E9754 Serial #69733l3 Circa l894. $110.00
Waltham l8 size 7 jewel o/f gold filled pocket watch. Perfect clean porcelain dial with sunk second dial and Roman numerals with 2400 hour markings in second ring. Beautifully gilded full movement plate. With a nice floral engraved Fortune case.

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