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"Even better is a performance by co-star Alvarado, who
steals the show from Fox and the ghosts (not an easy feat)
with her graceful beauty and excellent acting ability. If I were
a studio exec, I'd be throwing lots and lots of money at her right
now, because this girl (who most recently appeared in
Little Women)
is going to be a star. I have to admire Jackson's casting ability -- after all,
he discovered Kate Winslet for
Heavenly, now Alvarado... who's next? (Me!)"
- The Frighteners review, © Christopher Null -
10 January 1967 in New York City, NY, as a child of a Spanish father
(flamenco singer Domingo Alvarado) and a Puerto Rican mother.
Started on Stage...
Appeared first time on stage in New York at the age of seven as a dancer in her
parents' flamenco dance troupe.
First professional acting debut at nine in the stage musical Becca.
First Broadway leading role in Joseph Papp's Runaways.
Film debut at the age of 11 in film Rich Kids.
Has probably appeared on 'Children's Theatre Workshop's' (Sesame Street etc.)
program 3-2-1 Contact, a science and technology education series for kids.
Appeared in 1987 on episode 5 ("Sleepless Dreams") of Spenser, a series of inves-
tigations by Bostonian ex-boxer private eye Spenser (Robert Urich). Trini plays
Laurie Kincaid, a book illustrator who attempts suicide by jumping from her
apartment opposite Spenser's. With aide Hawk (Avery Brooks) Spenser
investigates the dark secret Laurie has about the murder of her mother
which she witnessed at the age of 14.
Was featured on "E!" cable network's half-hour program Behind the Scenes
on August 4, 1996, when the program featured a visit to
the filming set of The Frighteners.
Performed the song "Your Daughter Is One" with Robin Johnson on
Times Square soundtrack album in 1980.
Sang the background vocals on songs
"String of Pearls", "Caged Rat" and "Tell Me When"
on Soul Asylum's Let Your Dim Light Shine album in 1995.
Here's Trini's filmography divided into major releases, TV films and 'other' films.

Stage performances
Here is (so far incomplete) data on Trini's stage works.
Interview article
An interview article from Los Angeles newspaper "La Opinion".
Trini quotes
Here are some quotes by Trini and about Trini.
Image and movie links
Links to images and a promo movie of Trini.

Press articles about Trini
There are fortunately at least a number of newspaper and magazine articles made about
Trini in the course of years, although I can't claim that the amount is staggering...
Here are the references I've managed to find so far:

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  • Morice, Laura: "Star quality: A 'Stella' performance", Us, 1990.
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Little woman

These pages are my tribute to a wonderful and multi-talented actress who has
been far too long obscured and almost ignored despite her numerous fine perfor-
mances and apparent talent. But that is really no news for anyone, right?... :^)
(One 'reason' for that can be found from this 'talent' ranking list by Hollywood
industry pros and financiers. If you scroll down persistently enough, you can
find Trini near the bottom with a pre-sale ranking of mere 19 points out of 100...
"Trini Alvarado? Who's that?")
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