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Shannen Doherty has always been a cultural obsession of mine. Not particularly because of the bouts she had with the cast and crew of 90210 before she left, but more because of the quizzicality of the things she has participated in in times past. Her entry in the Internet Movie Database will show you the diversity of her career. It also happens that I find her to die for. I mean, she's drop dead. I mean, I know it's a matter of personal preference, but she's like, you know, hot. Reading about her public activities has shattered the goddess status she once held in my eyes, but I still think that her fresh, homey good looks and her own particular acting style add to my enjoyment of any medium she participates in. I love the fact that I can enjoy her with and without irony. Shannen, if you're out there, baby, this bud's for you.

After much self-debate, I am adding a new feature to this page. It's called, "Is It Really Her E-Mail Address?" Basically, how it will work is that every time I find an e-mail address that is rumored to be Shannen's, I will link it here and let other people try it out. I wouldn't though, personally. I'm just too polite and shy.

The current fave: [email protected].

Even though Shannen smokes, binge drinks, and is fickle with men, it is hard for me not to love her, because she's got those pouty lips and that sassy attitude.

If you would like to learn more about the divine Ms. D and her wily, wascally adventures through time, space, and paparazzi, it might behoove you to take a look at the Shannen Doherty Archive. It's got Shannen Quotes, Shannen Fun Facts, and plenty of images of Shannen in a pleasant journey back through the good and bad career decisions she has made. It truly is not to be missed.

I have been busy trying to devise graphics for this page. These are ideas that I have had so far:

Whaddaya think?

Please do not e-mail me asking for nude pictures of Ms. Doherty. You can get them at the Archive. What do you think I am, an FTP site?