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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my corner of the Web. This site is dedicated to the French actress Isabelle Adjani. Adjani's work is still unknown to many people outside her homeland, and hopefully these pages will help a few people to become acquainted with this remarkable artist.

The goal of the site is to compile, over time, a comprehensive collection of information about Isabelle Adjani. Because her private life has been the subject of too much intrusive scrutiny already, I have decided to make it off limits for these pages. Thus, you'll find information here about her work only.

Why Adjani? Why not any of the other French actresses, or, for that matter, any other actor or actress? I feel that Adjani's acting is special in a way that's equaled by very few actors, as explained in a brief essay: Adjani as actress.

Enjoy, and please provide me your feedback!

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