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Release Date: May 26

In the 21st century, information is the ultimate commodity. In a world where cyberspace is a workaday reality and outlaw hackers thrive, the most valuable information must sometimes be transported by mnemonic couriers -- professionals like Johnny (Keanu Reeves) who offer the ultimate in security and confidentiality. Johnny guarantees delivery, for the right price, but he's paid a price of his own -- a heavy one -- for his chip-enhanced data-storage capacity; he's dumped his own memories to make room for the programs he smuggles for shadowy corporate clients. Now, he wants those memories back, and it's going to be expensive -- so expensive that he'll have to make one last run to pay for it.

Based on the short story by acclaimed "cyberpunk" author William Gibson and directed by celebrated artist Robert Longo, Johnny Mnemonic stars Keanu Reeves in a unique action adventure that takes us on a wild ride down the dark side of the information highway to a place where technology has taken some very lethal turns.

Johnny contracts to deliver priceless data for a pair of scientists, defectors from Pharmakom, the world's third-largest corporation. The massive upload is too much for the mnemonic implant embedded in Johnny's brain. With no idea of what it is he's carrying, Johnny must find the secret access-codes that allow him to download the information -- or die.

But data-overload isn't the only thing threatening his life. The Yakuza, the world's most powerful crime-syndicate, are working for Pharmakom. Takahashi (Takeshi), the Yakuza sector chief, distrusts his own men; he secretly hires the ruthless bounty hunter known as Street Preacher Dolph Lundgren) and orders him to bring in Johnny's head... cryogenically preserved. With an army of professional killers on his trail, and terminal brain-crash closer by the minute, Johnny's running for his life.

TriStar Pictures and Peter Hoffman present an Alliance Production, Johnny Mnemonic, starring Keanu Peeves, Dolph Lundgren, Takeshi, Ice-T, Dina Meyer, Udo Kier, Denis Akiyama, Henry Rollins and Barbara Sukowa. Directed by Robert Longo in his feature debut and written by William Gibson based on his own story, Johnny Mnemonic is the first of Gibson's best-selling "cyberpunk' works to be brought to the screen. The producer is Don Carmody. The executive producers are Staffan Ahrenber, B.J. Rack, Victoria Hamburg and Robert Lantos.

Production Information

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Movie Stills

(47k) KEANU REEVES stars as Johnny, a 21st century courier who dumped his memory banks to make way for his chip-enhanced data-storage capacity

(26k) KEANU REEVES stars as Johnny

(45k) Johnny (KEANU REEVES) and Jane (Dina Meyer) join Jones, a bio-enhanced Dolphin

(44k) Johnny Mnemonic (KEANU REEVES) is a high tech courier carrying stolen data which could change the world

(59k) William Gibson's Cyberspace was created for JOHNNY MNEMONIC by Sony Pictures Imageworks

(44k) KEANU REEVES stars as Johnny

Movie Trailer

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