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Pick a thread, any thread. Follow it and it's bound to cross a
second thread. So you grab the second strand as it weaves
under a third, and the third tangles into another, which glides
over another. . . until a pattern emerges.

Start with Max. New York is a world away from Minneapolis,
and his hometown Minnesota Twins, but walking his dog Rocket
in Riverside Park he still wonders about the chances that his
team will sweep the next World Series. Figuring the odds, Max
almost trips over Wiley, a Nashville-born slacker who's biding
his time, strumming his guitar, while his girlfriend Cait tries to
make it as an actress. Maybe while she's waiting tables she'll
get cast in a student film directed by Patrick, an N.Y.U. film
student. He's blowing out the candles on his 25th birthday cake
at the Five and Dime, where Lara tends bar. She's a little
distracted mixing the drinks tonight, wondering about Tamara,
the old friend (or is it girlfriend?) of her husband Avi, who's
just invited herself for an indefinite visit. Just then, walking
past the bar is Molly, heading to her communal apartment in
Park Slope on her way back from a job interview with a
veterinarian. Max's veterinarian, in fact. . .

Five strangers. Five stories. Five threads. Pick a thread, any
thread. You never know where it might lead.

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