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What's New

howdy Internet Explorers!

Welcome to the Real Beer Page. Our objective is to provide you with a Hypertexted, virtual brew-tour of Microbreweries and provide you with a lot of information that you can use along the way.

We created this page because: we thought it was a no-brainer for the www audience (21-54 year olds -- although we know a lot of our fraternal order of craft-brew enthusiasts are older); we thought it was ideal for the format -- brewtours, like surfing, are perfect for the WWW; and because we thought it would be awesome to combine all the things we love -- computing, design, writing, system analysis, and, of course, quality beer.

We believe that providing value to an audience will bring them back with their friends. Most of the Microbrewers we've met feel the same way. For the sake of value, we've tried to make our images as small as possible (you always walk the line between effective and efficient communications), to leverage cached images, and to omit gratuitous graphics. As you read this, the first graphic may still be loading. Bear with us, we think you will find that the slow-load graphic pays off the Brew Touring metaphor. On a Brew Tour you learn a lot about the breweries, their personalities, and philosophies about brewing. You also get to meet some new people and trade information. That's what this area is all about.

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