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Permanent Collection: A "Les Sylphides" portfolio. Moments from the ballet that stands forever at a turning point in history, looking backward into the Romantic era and forward into Modernism. (Includes gallery notes about the ballet.)
Featured Exhibit: "Westport Ballet Theatre's 20th Anniversary." Not famous, not big, not even fully professional, this vibrant little company has nonetheless made a difference.
By Request: "Teachers and Students." A photo-essay on the pain and joy of life in the classroom, where the skills of classical ballet are still handed down through the time-honored relationship between master and apprentice.
Spotlight: NEW and IMPROVED! The ever-moving Spotlight now shines on a collage of inspirational quotations and images, notes from BalletWeb visitors, and even a collection of ballet humor! Check it out -- then step into the Spotlight by submitting your own favorites!
Dance Quotations and Images
Ballet Humor
Coda: Your Comments and Notes
The Electric Ballerina: Short computer animations illustrate ballet steps and movements, in QuickTime (Mac or Windows) format. Download for fun or learning!
If you don't have QuickTime, click here to download the software you'll need, free.
Dance Photography Notebook (NEW!)
Technical Notes About Ballet Photography: The author's favorite tools, tips, films, philosophies, and other rampant opinionation.
The Dance Photographer's Bookshelf: Personal favorites for inspiration and informati
Front Office: "The Trouble with Boards." Artists and their boards ought to want the same thing -- success for their artistic enterprise -- but tension seems nearly universal. Could the root of the problem be failure to understand who the customer is?
Creators: Does Lew Get His Due? Admirers say he was America's second-greatest balletmaker -- so why is this West Coast genius little more than a footnote in history books?
Links to other dance sites
Quick Link to CyberDance, a convenient "shopping mall" for dance-related Web sites
Help, Notes, and Technical Info

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