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Claude Monet

  French Impressionist

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Welcome to the (unofficial) Claude Monet Web Site at Columbia University. This site is the result of a group project in the course Humanities C1121, also known as Art Humanities, instructed by Judith Rodenbeck. Contributors are as follows:

Ilan Salzberg: Introductory material, formal and thematic analyses, methodology, commentary.
Jeremy Sheff: Editing, Web research and links, Site design, programming.
Robert Sheridan: Monet's biography and an overview of Impressionism.

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Table of Contents

An introduction to Monet and this site.
A biography of the artist.
An overview of Impressionism.
A discussion of Monet's methods and techniques.
A formal analysis of one of Monet's works.
A thematic analysis of the same work.
A bibliography of sources used to create this site.


A sampling of the Poplars series.
Some of the famous Water Lilies, at SunSite UNC's WebMuseum.

Other Points of Interest

Here are some sites which provided us with images and information. They are of interest to anyone seeking more online information on Monet.
Howard Yen's Cyberspace Gallery, which provided not only images and background but exce llent example HTML code.
Bradley J. Baker's Monet Page
Old Reliable, SunSite UNC's WebMuseum.

Special thanks and appreciation to Howard Yen, Bradley J. Baker, and WebMuseum.

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