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Model kit reviews, tips, techniques, tools, reference photos of the real'll find it all here! In addition, you'll be able to browse the most extensive collection of links to other model-related Web sites. And for fun, a photo gallery of models on display.

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The B-2 Spirit stealth bomber was in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday, September 14, 1996. It alternated performing touch-and-goes with a B-1 Lancer bomber for about 30 minutes at McConnell AFB. I managed to snap off a few shots as it flew over the base.

That is one odd-looking beast!

UPDATE!!! More tips on making your own decals! In the Tips & Tools Section.

Tips on working with photoetch detail! In the Tips & Tools Section.

UPDATE!!! Additional tips on metallic finishes using varnish & SnJ powder
In the Tips & Tools Section.

Grand old warbirds from Bob Polaneczky's collection.

In the Photo Gallery section!

Robert A Pionteck, President, IPMS Annapolis Valley adds some aircraft!

In the Photo Gallery section!

OZ-CON '96
Photos from the model contest!
(Death Takes a Ride, Ral Partha)

FM-1 Wildcat at Oshkosh '96
In the Reference Pictures section!

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About Troy Downen

The X1-E stands outside the main administration building at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. I worked here during graduate school and got some detailed pictures of the SR-71, D-21 Drone, YF-23, X-29, F-104, B-52 and more! Look for them to be posted in the "Reference Pictures" section soon.

I now work as an aerodynamics engineer for Raytheon Aircraft, better known as Beech Aircraft (depends on whom you ask). The Premier I is Raytheon's new light business jet, and it's also the airplane I'm currently working on.

The Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) contract was won by Raytheon -- this photo shows the Air Force and Navy trainer for the 21st Century!!

A few public facts about the revolutionary Premier I aircraft.

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