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This page is dedicated to the best movie ever made. Thanks for making this the most popular Braveheart site. Complete with videos, sounds, and original ideas such as the script, MPEGs, and fans page, the Ultimate Braveheart Page has become the main stop-over on the WWW for Braveheart fans. If you have questions or comments, please e-mail me. Long live Braveheart!


The Ultimate Braveheart Page is now the only place on the web to get Braveheart MPEGs!! I am looking for a pretty fast server in the U.S. that is willing to donate about 75 megs for media files. If you can, please mail me. Thanks! Braveheart is NOW on sale for $24.95 suggested retail in the U.S. and Canada (but you can get it for $15). I recommend the letterbox version, although you can also get pan-and-scan. Braveheart won 5 Oscars!!! Check the Awards Page, Sounds Page, and Pictures Page for related material.

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