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Damage photographs from the 1906 Earthquake

These photographs of damage from the 1906 earthquake are a small sample of the photographs available from the UC Berkeley Earthquake Engineering Research Center's Earthquake Image Information System.

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Damage in San Francisco

Earthquake intensity variation within San Francisco as a result of the 1906 shock

Lower Market Street looking east from about Fremont Street

Call Building, looking down O'Farrell Street from Powell Street, in San Francisco.

Looking north from Larkin and Grove streets at City Hall

Crack in street, about 18th Street, looking east to Folsom Street in San Francisco.

Fairmont Hotel, looking southeast from Jones and Clay streets, in San Francisco.

Hotel St. Francis northwest corner of Powell and Geary streets

Howard Street near Seventeenth Street

Somewhere south of Market Street between Eighth Street and Twelfth Street

St. Francis Roman Catholic Church on Vallejo Street

San Francisco burning. Photograph by Genthe.

San Francisco burning. Photograph by Genthe.

Damage to the South

Damage to Stanford Quadrangle

Stanford Memorial Arch

Statue of Agassiz thrown from its niche above arches

Damage to the North

Fence offset by fault in Marin County, looking northwest. Photograph by G. K. Gilbert.

Lurching of ground toward Salinas River

Santa Rosa city Hall

Damaged buildings in Santa Rosa