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Screamer 2

Virgin Interactive

Reviewed by: Kevin Jones
Author: Milestone Price: Retail:£29.99 UK
Category: Racing Simulation Released: November 1996
Platform: Windows 95. Version: Release
Multiplayer: Up to 2 via Multi-controllers.

Graphic modes: Lo-res 256 colours, Lo-res 65K colours, Hi-res 256 colours, Hi-res 65K colours
Controls: Keyboard
Sound devices: All major soundcards supported
ComputerMemoryHD spaceCD speed
Reviewed onP15016Mx8
Reviewer's Hardware: Failed when tested on a 486/66


Following in the footsteps of great racing games such as Ridge Racer and Sega Rally Championship, comes Screamer 2 on the PC CD-ROM. If hurtling around city circuits at break-neck speeds is your idea of a good time, then Screamer 2 is the game for you. Access four different modes of play or fight it out with a friend in this action-packed follow up from Vigin Interactive.


There are four different modes of racing in Screamer 2, arcade, championship, time attack and multiplayer. Arcade mode enables the player to compete in a no-holds-barred contest featuring three opponents over six different courses (you are only able to race in all six destinations once you have completed the leagues in the Championship mode). Championship racing is for the more descerning racer who likes to customize cars and strategically plan their way to the top. You must compete, and win in four leagues, those of which become more challenging as you progress. The first league contains only four tracks and once completed the next three will open up two new courses. The courses are as follows: England, Egypt, California, Finland, Switzerland and finally the formidable jungle surroundings of Colombia. Time Attack is simply a race against the clock and is a great way to get a feel for the handling of your car which, to start off with can be quite tricky and frustrating. Multiplayer enables up to four players to compete in either Combat mode, Network game, or via a serial link. It also contains a split screen mode so you can battle it out with a freind. There are also four hidden bonus cars in there somewhere so keep an eye out for them.

Customising your Car

There are stacks of different options contained in S2. First of all the player may choose one of four teams to race with, Condors, Wasps, Angels and Zeus. There is not much notable difference in the performance of the different teams except for the colour of your car. After choosing your team you are now ready to choose your actual racing car, there are four cars to browse at and each one tells you of its top speed and handling capabilities. Once your car is chosen you can either use the standard car, which is the computers settings or customize the car yourself (this is a handy option when racing on snow and wet mud etc). You may change tyre types, rear and front suspension and also handling and brake types. When your happy with the settings you can save this data and use them in future races instead of changing them each time you race a different circuit.


The graphics in Screamer 2 are phenomenally accurate right down to the cars themselves, the only downside being that the game may not run well unless your system has high specifications (my 486 66mhz system had real trouble coping with the scrolling and therefore seemed blocky and delayed). On the other hand when the game is blessed with a high performance machine, Screamer 2 really does make full use of it with wondorful scenery of the six countries from the Sphinx's in Egypt to the good old grassy hill's of England.


Screamer 2 is a game that will have all eager race fans begging for more and with a soundtrack featuring nine different tracks to listen to while racing, I would recommend S2 to anyone who enjoyed games such as Ridge Racer and of course the original Screamer.

  • Several high performance cars to choose
  • Four modes of racing
  • Multipayer option
  • Real-time 3-D graphics
  • Excellent audio
  • Loading delays
  • Hard to control at first
  • Not all tracks are accessible to begin with

Appeal:Racing fans
Originality & Storyline:N/A
Graphics & Video:Brilliant real-time 3-D graphics
Audio:Excellent audio
Longevity:Four modes of racing
Packaging & Docs:Adequate
Bugs & Problems:None found

Copyright © Kevin Jones for the Games Domain Review, 1996. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission.

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