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Beware: All your exercise may go for naught if you get sucked into this comprehensive collection of fitness links.
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Welcome to the internet's best and most organized listing of fitness related sites. Thanks go out to everybody who has submitted to me an url and I hope that the readers of this page will continue to send lists of other related sites, comments, suggestions, gripes or complaints to me at [email protected]

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Site of the Month for November 1996

The November 1996 Site of the Month is Australian Sport WWW. Founded in June 1995, it is one the best web sites of any sports governing body.

The Australian Sport WWW is managed by the Australian Sports Commission and aims to provide information on the structure and operation of sport in Australia, as well as the general issues of sport and sporting events (Olympics), to the world. Information on the Australian Institute of Sport, including sports scholarships and the world-class facilities are also included as well details on the programs of the Australian Sports Commission such as the Australian Coaching Council and the National Sport Information Centre. Other Australian Sporting organisations such as the Australian College of Sport Education, the Australian Sports Drug Agency and the Australian Commonwealth Games Association also have a presence on the site, along with links to other Australian interest sites such as Sydney 2000.

In addition, Australian Sporting Organisations are accommodated on The Australian Sport WWW, offering information to the world on their sports' structure, stars, programs, history, events and results. Factsheets and athlete profiles are provided for school projects with the sports topic section devoted to issues of interest in sport.

What's New For November 1996?

For those of you who missed it, The Internet's FItness Resource was designated as a Collection Click of the Week by the Microsoft Network in September. It is my understanding that MSN is currently working on a CD featuring all the Collection Clicks of the Week. Should be something to keep our eyes open for>

The "skating" category has been renamed to "
Skating". Under this new category are subheadings for Figure Skating, Inline Skating, Roller Skating and Speed Skating. I intend to follow this strategy of using subheaders for other categories as I feel that this positively contributes to the organizational structure of the site.

A new category has been added for Volleyball sites. This is an expansion on the two Volleyball sites that were previously listed under "Fitness, Other".

The new links for this month are:

The next update will be posted on December 1.

Breakdown of Contents

Currently the site is broken down into four seperate pages, the home page which you are currently viewing, a links page, a text links page that does not contain the colored background and shows the table of contents in a list format, a Previous Sites of the Month page and a personal page that has some tidbits about and pictures of my dog and me.

The links themselves are divided by category and subdivided into commercial and non-commercial categories where appropriate. The main categories are:


Pages providing general information as well as choreography for aerobics, boxercise and jazzercise.


Climbing and other outdoor sports such as camping, canoeing, repelling and orienteering. Some sites do contain information about hiking, but hiking sites are predominantly listed in the walking/hiking category described below.


Road, cyclo-cross, mountain, track, touring and recreational sites are included here.

Disabilities and Exercise

Information about fitness and exercise for people with disabilities.


As the title suggests, this category is mostly commercial. Equipment manufacturers and sporting good retailers are listed here for a variety of sports. Shoes and apparel are listed separately. Sport specific equipment such as bicycles and skates are listed in their respective categories.


I've taken a somewhat controversial step here and listed the FAQ's separately from the individual categories that they relate to. I've done this to make the FAQ's easier to find. All the FAQ links lead to either the actual home of the FAQ or to a site that I believe always keeps the most current version of the FAQ.

Fitness, General

Multi-sport sites such as this one that cover a variety of topics. Similar to the newsgroup.

Fitness Organizations

These are the major fitness and sport governing organizations. While some do offer certifications, most are non-profit and have the promotion of fitness and/or athletics as their main goal.

Fitness, Other

Sites which do not fit into of the other categories currently listed. The topics covered by these sites may be expanded through additional sites included in future updates.

Fitness Publications

Internet and printed publications with sites on the World Wide Web that promote health, fitness or sport.

Gyms & Personal Trainers

Promotional pages for gyms, studios, personal trainers and fitness instructors.

Instructor Education

Commercial providers of fitness education courses. General and specialized fitness certifications and continuing education credits (CEC's) for instructors and personal trainers are offered by some of these companies.

Martial Arts

Sites covering a variety of the Martial Arts. Information on history, competition, instruction, training and organizations/clubs can be found here. Both non-commercial and commercial sites are listed.


Music targeted towards exercise activities. Some of the music is specifically written for exercise and some is remixed. This is particularly good for instructors and those with home gyms. Please note, however, that all these sites are commercial.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Sites providing information on diet, nutrition, supplements and weight loss. Topics included in this category span the nutritional gambit from weight loss to weight gain to improved athletic performance.


Only a few sites are currently listed; however, they are of very good quality and certainly worth the visit.


Information about crew as well as the homepages of various clubs and collegiate teams.


Competitive running and recreation jogging web sites. Track and field sites pertaining to activities other than running are also included here.

Shoes and Apparel

Clothing and shoe company web sites. Some are extremely well done, such as Planet Reebok and provide much more information than just company products.


Sites related to both road and ice skating. The category is divided into four general sections: Figure Skating, Inline Skating, Roller Skating and Speed Skating.


- Information on downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, resorts and even some snow conditions is provided at these sites.


Computer applications for a variety of sports. Most are commercial and DOS/Windows based.


Recreational and competitive swimming sites. Diving and water polo sites are also included.


Information on training, competition and governing bodies. Most of the information is largely triathlon related as I have not come across primary Duathlon sites. Additional training advice can be found in the swimming, cycling and running categories.

University & Academic Sites

One of the original categories, most of these sites have been listed here since the origin of The Internet's Fitness Resource. Most of these sites include the homepages for university physiology departments. These are a great source for information on exercise science theory.


Information on indoor and beach volleyball. Sites cover the professional tours, collegiate squads, international competition and general information about the sport.


Sites pertaining to hiking and recreational walking. Some of these overlap with sites listed in the Climbing/Outdoor category.

Weight Lifting

Covers bodybuilding, powerlifting and strength training. Homepages for some bodybuilders are also included. Supplements are listed in the Nutrition & Weight Loss category and home gym equipment is listed in the Equipment category.

About The Author...

Charles Rotblut is an ACE certified personal trainer and a Reebok Alliance Fitness Instructor who specializes in general fitness and program design for endurance athletes. For more information, please send email to
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The links to the various commercial sites listed on The Internet's Fitness Resource are provided for informational purposes only. I, Charles Rotblut, do not endorse, recommend, receive financial support or complimentary product, have access to discounts otherwise not available to the general public or otherwise promote any of the products or businesses, with the exception of Reebok, listed on The Internet's Fitness Resource. Furthermore, I do not assume or accept any liability for the products and businesses listed on The Internet's Fitness Resource.

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