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Updated onWednesday, October 23, 1996

For the Jet Set

Global Express is said to be the fastest business jet in the skies.

Feature Story

clownfaceInheriting a hotel is good news, unless it's the Last Resort, the creatively haunted hotel in the new interactive game "9". Produced by Robert DeNiro's company, Tribeca Interactive, with music by Aerosmith and graphics by Mark Ryden, this place is absolutely loony toons!

Here is PopSci's funky first look at9

Read our exclusive interview with Carol Browner,
administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
to see what she's doing to keep our water safe.


Indycar wrapup

Exclusive Story!

Take a look back as we review the latest advances in engines, brakes, and aerodynamic design introduced trackside this past season. (more)

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