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Psion Dacom Starts New Gold Rush
Psion Dacom, Europe's largest manufacturer of PC Card modems, launches the Gold Card Network series. Also see Psion Dacom's web site.

Series 3c and Siena picture page
An index of images of the Series 3c, Siena, and some of their accessories. It contains small thumbnail pictures as well as links to larger close-ups.
Psion Screen Saver available in Testzone
for Windows 3 and Windows 95
Surfer box Catch the Internet Wave
with the new Surfer modem

Psion Dacom PLC launches the Surfer and the Surfer Pro, able to operate at up to 33600bps.
Also see the Psion Dacom web site (external link).

  New Rapid Application Development environment
OVAL (Object-based Visual Application Language) is a Microsoft Visual Basic-compatible development environment and is available for EPOC/16 platforms such as the Psion Series 3c and Psion Workabout.
Also see the Psion Software web site (external link).

  Oracle and Psion Deliver Mobile Agents for Palmtop Computing
Oracle Corp., the world leader in information management, and Psion Software PLC, the leading developer of ROM-based computing platforms, agree to extend Oracle Mobile Agents to Psion handheld computers.
Psion at Live'96
The UK consumer electronics show at Earls Court, London.
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