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The IBA introduces
"A Whole New Ballgame"
to the community

Basketball legend Earl Monroe signs autographs from the IBA booth at the NSGA Show in Chicago.

An IBA Franchise

Ticket to profitability

Behind the Scenes

Members of the League's administrative team

This home page gives some of the headlines concerning happenings in the IBA. Follow the links to the stories, facts and general information concerning the IBA. Or set your sights on The IBA Home Court, at the left, and click on any of the basketballs to learn more about the best thing to hit basketball since the three point shot...


IBA Information Hotlines

As the IBA moves towards its inaugural season, information telephone lines have been set up to service inquiries regarding franchising and merchandise properties.


For inquiries regarding franchises, call




For inquiries regarding properties, call




IBA Web Site Departments


league overview

Live basketball brought back to the fans

The league overview presents the league, and its philosophy, and how it will make live, pro basketball exciting, fun, ... and affordable again!

above the rim

Read all about it! The IBA is coming to town!

Above the Rim is the IBA's monthly newsletter that brings to you all of the happenings in the League.

schedule to tip-off

The curtain goes up on the IBA

From first press conference, to opening night, the schedule to tip-off lays out the events.

game rules

The game in the IBA

The game, as defined by the IBA's game rules, will allow for greater defensive strategies, and more continuous action.

league management

IBA management team taking new league to dazzling heights

The league officials are a group of experienced professionals, both in business and sports management, well suited to organizing and operating a major sports enterprise, including several high-profile professional basketball names.


Franchises being awarded

Teams are being awarded franchises in locales throughout North America, and are scheduled to tip-off in the inaugural season of the IBA.


IBA players dedicated to the game of basketball

The players of the International Basketball League are committed to the game and their communities.

tell it like it is

IBA fan talkback!

The fans of the International Basketball League tell it like it is, as they query and comment on IBA happenings.



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