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- - - - -[ NOVEMBER, 1996 EDITION ]- - - - -

The re-design continues...We should apologize for the weird link situations that you will probably find, but this edition is so BEEFY that we thought you'd forgive us.

It's all new, so enjoy!

...including SLEEPERS, TO GILLIAN... and MICROCOSMOS. The reviews section is updated often so check back soon.
Lise ponders the lack of "self" in a lot of digital art and remembers the Auteur Theory from film history....
Dishin' with Sibyl, including weird and annoying movie-going experiences.
Sibyl's eleventh hour wake-up call.
Mail from the producer of SWINGERS! He seems a wee bit annoyed...
Girl on Art is our new column, by Lorna. Check out SMART ART.
Quentin Tarantino: talent or hype? Our opinions.
Guest Girl Virginia reviews Ethan Hawke's novel.
Guest Girl Aimee on Allison Anders, the director of GRACE OF MY HEART.
STUFF ABOUT US. Andrea has seen REAR WINDOW more than any other movie! Lise is stuck with THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Drag.
Josh on movie web sites. The movie is gone, but the site lives on...
Literally, why we are. You can thank Roger Ebert...

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