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Career and Job Resources at the Library and on the Internet

Books about conducting a job search may be found in the 331 and 650.14 Dewey classification numbers in the Library. Some recommended titles are:

331.115 Bolles, Richard
B691 What Color is Your Parachute?

650.14 Medley, Anthony
M491 Sweaty Palms

331.702 Professional Careers Sourcebook:
P164 An Information Guide for Career Planning

331.792 Snelling, Robert
S671J Jobs! What They Are...Where They Are...What They Pay

650.14 Yate, Martin
Y31 Knock 'Em Dead: With Great Answers to Tough Questions

To check the availability of copies of these at your local branch library, look them up in the Library's Internet On-line Catalog You may also want to try the following Subject Headings in the Catalog: Job Hunting, Resumes (Employment), Job Vacancies, and Employment Interviewing. The Catalog's Community Information Database lists agencies and organizations that provide services such as workshops, counseling, testing, referrals, and placement.

Available at the Information or Reference Desks:

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Directory of Executive Recruiters
Southern California Business Directory and Buyer's Guide
California Manufacterers Annual Register
California Services Register
Dun's Regional Business Directory
Dun's Microcosm
Local Chamber of Commerce Directories of Businesses

The following Internet sites contain current job vacancy listings:

America's Job Bank
Business Job Finder
Career Magazine
CareerMosaic Page
CareerPath (Help Wanted Listings from L.A. Times etc.
Career Resources Home Page
Chicago Tribune Job Ads
College Grad Job Hunter
Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet
Interactive Employment Network
Job Catapult
JobSmart for the Bay Area
Jobs Online
JobWeb Home Page
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Online Career Center
Recruiter Online Network
Seattle Times Classified Ads
Stanford Job Search Referrals

Job openings are also listed in these magazines shelved at the Periodicals Desk of Civic Center Library:

California Job Journal
Jobs Available
Federal Jobs Digest
National Business Employment Weekly

The library subscribes to a number of local and out-of-town newspapers. Some of the classified sections are housed at the Periodicals Desk. Many trade and professional magazines also have classified advertisements. You will find them on the open periodicals shelves.

Consult the Business Reference Section at Civic Center Library for the following resources that list employment opportunities and company information:

The Career Guide: Dun's Employment Opportunities Directory
National Job Bank
Job Bank Guide to Employment Services
Peterson's Engineering, Science and Computer Jobs
National Directory of Corporate Training Programs
Dallas-Fort Worth Job Bank
Phoenix Job Bank
Seattle Job Bank
How to Get a Job In...
Dun's Million Dollar Directory
Ward's Business Directory
Directory of Corporate Affiliations

In the Reference Section at Civic Center Library, look for:

R331.21 American Salaries and Wages Survey

R353.001 Krannich, Ronald L.
K89A Almanac of American Government Jobs and Careers

R650.14 Asher, Donald
A825 The Overnight Resume

R650.14 Beatty, Richard H.
B369 The Perfect Cover Letter

R650.14 Bell, Arthur
B433 International Careers

R650.14 Coxford, Lola M.
C879 Resume Writing Made Easy

R650.14 Krannich, Ronald L.
K89 Complete Guide to International Jobs and Careers

R650.14 Krannich, Ronald L.
K89 Almanac of International Jobs and Careers

R650.14 Kuman, Arthur
K96 Job Hunter's Guide to 100 Great American Cities

R650.14 Parker, Yana P244 The Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples

Audiocassettes and videotapes on job searching can be found in the Audiovisual Department at Civic Center. Some recommended titles are:

331.115 Interview Techniques and Resume Tips for the Job Applicant
I61 (Videocassette, 60 min.)

650.14 The Career Counselor and You: How to Prepare Yourself to Enter
C271 or Reenter the Job Market
Videocassette, 22 min.)

658.4 Changing Your Job to Change Your Life
C456 (Videocassette, 57 min.)

C-2622 Allen, Jeffrey G.
How to Turn an Interview Into a Job

C-344 How to Write Successful Job Resumes

C-1309 Mazin, Lawrence
Career Advancement

Again, you can check the Library's Internet On-line Catalog to see whether these are currently available to be checked out.

If you need additional Internet resources or links, try Yahoo's Listings for Employment or try a subject search on Yahoo:

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